Fall Backyard Update 2018

Where did the summer go? Although we’ve been enjoying some beautiful sunshine, the falling leaves and chilly nights put us square in the fall season – time for a fall backyard update!

We were crossing a bunch of projects off our list and then everything seemed to come to a halt. Check out this post to see what we completed.

Still left on our list for this year was:

-Remove more plants

-Re-position 2 arbours

-Plant mosquito repellent plants

-Create fire pit area

-Build pallet love seat

-Fix the gates

The only thing we have crossed off the list was fixing 1 gate. Wha-wa.

We also planned to add grass to this area during September to take advantage of rain for watering:

Fall backyard update

But didn’t get to it either. We’ll just put it on the list for next year 🙂 On the plus side, we did enjoy our garden, new to us patio set and hammock! You need to enjoy your backyard, not just work in/on it, right? Right!

Fall backyard update

Fall Backyard Update

We have already started collecting leaves (a discouraging chore when leaves are still falling). There are tons of leaves thanks to the ridiculous number of beautiful, mature trees. Our job is usually harder because we have to haul all the leaves to the boulevard for city pick up. Instead, this year we are saving the leaves to use in our compost bins and as mulch for our raised beds.

We are re-using the material for the potato towers as leaf bins to help us conserve and save the leaves for later use. This way we will have enough “browns” the whole year – a challenge for all Composters. For more information on composting, we highly recommend checking out our local Compost Education Centre Factsheets and website for more information.

During the fall/winter, we will be completing some inside projects. We will also use this time to choose materials and plan our fire pit area.

How did you do with your backyard plans go this summer? Share your fall backyard update in the comments!


Denise and Sean

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