From To-Do to Done! How to Prioritize your Projects

Prioritize your projects to get them done!

You know those projects that are 95% done but still haven't been checked off your list? We know this too well and have created the Project Priority Tool to help you move projects from to-do to DONE! Take stock, make a plan and finish them off.  #doittogether #renovations #productivity #getitdone #fromtodotodone #helpinghunny

We have a confession to make. While we are capable DIYers, we are not always the best finishers. It’s true we have added 2 rental suites to 2 houses, revamped outdated and dirty living areas for ourselves, created a patio party spot, added a gardening area and many other projects. However, in the pursuit of our next exciting idea there have been a few projects that have remained 95% completed for much longer than we care to admit. When they don’t interfere with function, it’s easy to forget about them.

Well friends, today is the day we share our outstanding To-Do List! The purpose of this is twofold:
First, if it’s out there and acknowledged it forces us to face facts. What better way than to admit on the internet that we lack integrity in our home? We have some work to do and it isn’t a secret anymore!
Second, we’re hoping you can relate! That last 5% always seems to take the longest. Right? Right! Sooooo, that means that you could also use some help prioritizing what needs to be done and finally get those outstanding projects checked off your list too.

From to-do to Done: How to Prioritize Projects

Thinking about what needs to be done made us reflect why we’re in the position we’re in.
For us, it’s a few reasons:

– It’s been that way so long, we’ve forgotten about it or don’t notice it anymore
– We literally don’t see it everyday
– There’s little to no impact on the function of our house
– It’s an expense we can’t afford right now
– There are time constraints
– We have other things to do

Regardless of why your projects aren’t officially done, let’s look at how to move from to-do to done! We even created a Project Priority Tool to summarize all of our outstanding projects and considerations.

1. Write it down

Take stock of the little (and big) projects that you need/want to finish. We’re sure a few will pop into your head but take a walk around the inside and outside of your home so nothing’s left off the list. You may be surprised by how many things you’ve been living with, forgotten about and don’t notice anymore.

2. Consider the reason the project is outstanding

Is it time? Perhaps money? Or maybe you’ve simply forgotten about it. Ahem, that piece of siding that needed replacement when that extra window went in 3 years ago but has been forgotten because you rarely walk by that corner of the house. There has to be a reason (or 2) why your project isn’t done. It may be a real barrier that you need to overcome. More likely, it’s making it a priority and finding time to do-it-together.

From to-do to Done: How to Prioritize Projects

3. Rank the importance of your project

Knowing how important a project is to each person can mitigate future fights about why specific projects aren’t finished. Be prepared that what’s important to 1 partner may not be as important to the other. As well, just because you want to get something done doesn’t mean that it’s feasible to complete right now. For example, we both want the outside of our house painted (pink and purple aren’t our style. Unfortunately, we’re heading into fall, in a region that’s  wet, so isn’t the right time to start this project. Instead of letting this become a contest of who’s wants are more important, take this as an opportunity decide what needs to be done and set a schedule together.

Want some help summarizing your projects’ costs, time, considerations and ranking of importance?

Click here for access to our FREE resource library to get your copy of the Project Priority Tool.

4. Make a plan and get to work

Schedule time together to work on your projects in the order you’ve decided. It doesn’t matter whether you choose the fastest or slowest, cheapest or most expensive project, etc. The important thing is to have a plan for which project you are going to complete next. Then designate in your calendars when you are going to take on your projects. It’s too easy to keep pushing projects out of the way when they aren’t scheduled.

From to-do to Done: How to Prioritize Projects

For our list of projects, check out the free Project Priority Tool here. We’re looking forward to getting our outstanding projects completed.

What stops you from completing projects? Let us know in the comments below.

Denise and Sean



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