“Laugh” and Plaster: Laughing Instead of Lashing Out


Laughing with your partner helps ease the stress of renovations. Read our story to see how we found the humour in our mishap.

One of the things we cherish in our relationship is that we make each other laugh.  It may sound cliché but it’s true.  We both like to find humour in situations.  There are very few days that we don’t make each other laugh out loud.  As in our day to day, we tried to maintain this humour during our renos.  As we got near the end of our renovations, some days and situations were easier to laugh at than others.

One incident we still laugh about happened when we were putting the finishing touches on our second basement suite.  Fortunately, we had 3 sets of blinds left from our first rental suite that we hoped we could use for the windows.  Normally, we don’t have extra blinds but we had a few spare from our last reno because we got a fantastic deal (like $5 clearance fantastic).

Best laid plans…

For some reason, we were driving separately to our usual home improvement store.  I had some well thought out plan on how to “efficiently” divide and conquer our list.  Of course, one of the items was to cut the blinds.  I didn’t want to have to pack the long boxes around while I completed my part of the list, so I left them on Sean’s car as this was one of his to-do’s.  Yup, on.  Not in, not beside – on top.  I’m sure you can imagine what happened next…

When Sean found me in the store, he was really confused when I asked him how long we had to wait for the blinds to be cut.  As soon as he asked, “What blinds? I thought you had them,” I knew.  Foolishly, I hoped they were still on top of his car that was now parked in the parking lot – a parking lot that’s a 15 minute drive from our house.  Sean ran out to double check, but I knew.  I knew they were somewhere between home and the store; hopefully, not causing accidents as people swerved to avoid them.  Sure enough, when Sean came back he wasn’t carrying boxes of blinds.

Laughing with your partner helps ease the stress of renovations. Read our story to see how we found the humour in our mishap.


After my initial surprise, I was annoyed – mostly with myself.  Of all the balls in the air, this was the one we (literally) dropped?  It was one of those situations when it would be really easy to get upset with the other person.  On the other hand, we could laugh together.  We chose to laugh together because getting mad wasn’t going to fix anything.  After finishing our giggle fit in the middle of the lighting department, we took a deep breath.  We realized that we hadn’t had a good laugh together in a while.  This silly incident put everything back in perspective.  It reminded us that while completing our renovation was important to achieving our goals, our goals wouldn’t mean anything if we weren’t happy.

In the end, we did find 2 out of the 3 boxes of blinds (still on our street).  Turns out, we wouldn’t have been able to use any of the blinds because the store couldn’t cut that style anymore.  When we found this out we were even happier we didn’t get mad about it.  Plus, we found replacements – on sale!

Couple having a laugh together

Laugh out loud instead of lashing out

In the grand scheme of things, losing the blinds wasn’t the worst thing that could go wrong.  It was inconvenient but it wasn’t worth getting mad at each other about.  We hope as you go through your renovation you choose to find the humour instead of giving in to frustration and anger.  Both of you will appreciate it and you’ll have some funny stories to reminisce about later.


Denise and Sean

Tell us about a time you chose laughing instead of lashing out… Let us know in the comments below!

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Laughing with your partner helps ease the stress of renovations. Read our story to see how we found the humour in our mishap.

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