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From buying and renovating to having tenants, we’ve been on quite a journey to owning 2 homes, with 3 income suites – and we’re only in our 30’s.

Surprising? Yes!

A reality? *just pinched ourselves and we’re not dreaming.

Is this a possibility for you? Definitely!

We’re not special and we didn’t win the lottery. We’re determined, handy and willing to make some trade-offs to put us in the position we’re currently in. Read more of our story on our About Us page.

Our passion is sharing tips on:

– working together on projects

– handling the stress of home buying and renovations

– the benefits and challenges of sweat equity and DIY

– adding and managing income suites

We want to help make the process easier for you! One of the main things we focus on is accomplishing your goals as a couple. We want to help you do-it-together, not just how to do-it-yourself.

Whether you’re already on the same page, or need some help getting there, we share lots of pointers for working with your partner effectively.

The following posts are helpful for any couple. We’d love for you to read all of our posts but start here to find the best place for you:

If we had to assemble a piece of furniture together, we would need…
… to be able to agree on a piece of furniture first
… a referee
… just some time and instructions
or choose from the following posts:

stop fighting about money with your partner using this book









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