We’ve Missed You!

Well that was a detour

– and isn’t that just how life goes? Our sincere apologies for neglecting to post anything for over a year. A year!!

To our delight, I became pregnant last June (what a great birthday gift!) and the morning sickness was brutal. Think 5 month hangover. Fun fact – it’s called morning sickness but it can happen at any time of the day. Or, in my case, all day, every day :/

maternity photo
Looking forward to meeting our little one

Needless to say, our grand plans for the yard were put on hold as I was busy trying not to throw up and, you know, growing a human. Sean was a wonderful support taking on the day to day household needs but nothing extra got done.

newborn baby photo
Welcome, future renovator!

In February, we joyfully welcomed our healthy baby. Since then, we have been adjusting to life with an infant. We’re finally feeling ready to take on blogging again and have some great resources and projects to share with you.

family with newborn baby
Proud (and tired) parents
Blessing in Disguise

The pause on the backyard projects was actually a blessing in disguise. In re-looking at what we wanted to do, we decided on a much better plan for the backyard. We also had a water leak into our basement right before I went into labour (looking forward to sharing that story). It resulted in having to dig up and redo some of our drain tiles. We would have ruined the grass if we had planted it last year as planned.

Moving forward

Get updated on our changed plans and what we’ve done so far!

What outdoor projects do you have planned for this summer? Let us know in the comments!

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